It is also signatory to numerous international maritime conventions and, as of today, has signed Double Tax Treaties with many countries for the avoidance of double taxation. The shipping industry is one of the strongest and most significant sectors in the Cyprus economy.

We typically attend to the needs of ship owners, ship operators and other professionals engaged in shipping and related business.

Shipping & Ship Management Services

  • Registration of shipping companies
  • Ship and yacht registration
  • Advice on charter party and seafarers contracts
  • Advice on ship sale and purchase agreements
  • Advice on ship-management contracts
  • Advice on ship finance mortgages and deeds of release
  • Authorised representative services
  • Cyprus VAT yacht leasing scheme
  • Transfer of ownership/name
  • Change of name
  • Tax advice to ship owners via the Cyprus Tonnage Tax System
  • Tax advice on sale or purchase of yachts
  • Payroll management and employment issues

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