Cyprus has reformed its IP tax regime by introducing an 80% tax exemption on IP related profit. With that in mind the IP holding sector has gone through a major transformation thus constitutes the island as one of the most attractive and preferred IP locations in the EU and worldwide.

Throughout our in-depth knowledge and experience in IP matters, we are involved with virtually all aspects of business relations, in particular dealing with reviewing, negotiating and advising on a wide variety of intellectual property contracts. We are often engaged to assist in complex cases of intellectual property structures assisting with the legal requirements which should be considered in every transaction. Our IP experts can assist you in the protection and maintenance of your IP assets, while at the same time provide advice for the way forward until disposing such asset.

Intellectual Property Services

  • Registration of trademarks, designs, patents at national, European and international level.
  • Filling oppositions against Intellectual Property registrations to the relevant authorities.
  • Protection and maintenance of the acquired IP rights.
  • Advice on agreements such as license transfer of intellectual property rights and confidentiality agreements.
  • General advice on the registration of trademarks, patents and designs and other IP related matters.
  • IP valuation and monetization

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