The aim of our experienced professionals is to attend to the needs of individuals, corporations and start-ups engaged in the cryptocurrency & blockchain environment and community. Our team focuses on the structuring and advising of trading platforms and exchanges and provides assistance with implementing solutions and strategies in the cryptocurrency industry. Furthermore, our team has acted as a consultant for clients in overcoming regulatory complexities, as well as in choosing the most suitable jurisdiction to harbour their operations.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Services

  • General advisory on trading, exchange and investments in crypto-currency
  • Consultation and guidance related to choosing the most suitable jurisdiction for the company’s needs
  • Setting up licensed crypto-currency exchanges in Cyprus (CASP) or other jurisdictions
  • Advisory on the changing regulatory landscape for cryptocurrency and blockchain (on a retainer basis)
  • Assistance in implementation of crypto-currency solutions within existing businesses
  • Assistance with international banking and electronic payment solutions
  • Advise on token issuance or STO projects and post-STO issues such as token management, trading, storage and processing
  • KYC, AML, compliance and GDPR services
  • Helping clients procure, protect and deploy their intellectual property
  • Advising as to applicable taxation implications
  • Advising on various legal disputes
  • Drafting and reviewing of all types of commercial agreements

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