A vital management risk strategy, would be to prevent business relationships with investors or shareholders who might have been engaged in obscure dealings or other illegal activities, included in any sanction lists or being potentially exposed persons such as PEPs, as this might endanger the reputation of your Company. With such a procedure in place shareholders, directors or other company officials can be identified and their source of funds verified.

Our team of experienced AML compliance professionals can take on these roles for you, freeing up your time and resources to more effectively manage your business and minimize the risk exposure of your Company.

AML Compliance Services

  • Collection of all necessary due diligence and issuance of KYC reports
  • Screening individuals through risk intelligence databases, the internet and various sanctions lists
  • Performing enhanced due diligence reviews, if and when needed
  • Risk assessments and ongoing monitoring of entities
  • Act as a dedicated Money Laundering Reporting Officer for ASPs
  • Secure storage of your KYC and due diligence documentation, in accordance with the GDPR.
  • Companies registry searches
  • Act as the AML compliance officer of a Cyprus registered fund (AIF, RAIF, AIFNLP)

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