Totalserve is excited to unveil its revamped corporate brand identity!

This has been planned to coincide with the group’s 50th anniversary celebration.

The rebranding mainly includes an evolved corporate logo, a new website as well as a reshaped communication and correspondence design.

Petros Rialas, CEO of Totalserve Management Limited, commented:

“Taking into account continuing developments, expectations, trends as well as challenges relating to our industry – and in conjunction with our 50th anniversary – it was only natural and expected for Totalserve to strengthen and refresh its branding and corporate identity. We are very happy with the result, which aims to render a bolder fresher look, whilst at the same time retaining its original values. We believe it clearly portrays how the firm has evolved through the decades into such a dynamic organisation, earning the trust of our clients and associates all over the world. We continue stronger than ever before.”