George Economides, Vice-Chairman of Totalserve was amongst the panellists discussing the future of Cyprus administrative service providers and how attractive is Cyprus’ offering in the global market. The panellists mainly concentrated on what should be Cyprus’ future vision for the local professional services offered to international clients and what are the new business opportunities that Cyprus should aim at.

Messages throughout the conference have been very optimistic, as regards to the future of professional services, from senior executives of leading companies in Cyprus. "The Cyprus Professional Services Conference" event, organized by IMH on Thursday 20 May has marked the re-launching of physical events.

During the discussion, George Economides has mentioned: “Cyprus still remains strong and very competitive in the international market, having a lot more to offer… It is a tested, practical, attractive and competitive jurisdiction amongst those in the EU, thus we need to differentiate in a positive manner. International well-known organisations do consider Cyprus as a hot-spot, for expanding their operations or even fully relocating”.

When asked about the future of Cyprus, he mentioned: “Our vision needs to remain concentrated in our quality of services and to the proper compliance with laws and regulations. Our products apply to everyone and our marketplace is the world… Cyprus still remains a solid gateway to the EU for clients coming in from the US, Middle East and Asia”.