Our founder and Honorary Chairman, Peter G. Economides, has contributed to the “Trust Laws in Cyprus: An International Perspective” published and released in December 2022. This much-anticipated publication on the Cyprus International Trust Law has been published by Globe Law and Business with the contribution of STEP Cyprus members and under the supervision of Paolo Panico (Chairman of the STEP Europe Region and council member of STEP Worldwide).

This handbook is indeed helpful for private client advisors, advocates, professionals whose services are relevant to the wealth planning and structuring sector. It is also a must-have handbook for professional trustees as well being involved in the administration of Cyprus trusts and the protection of trust assets.

Peter has contributed to the foreword of the handbook, based on the history and his personal experiences during the drafting and the introduction of the 1992 Legislation; The publication of this handbook comes as a consequence of the 30th anniversary of the International Trust Law in Cyprus.

For details as to how you can get a copy of this handbook, feel free to get in touch with Peter G. Economides at [email protected].