For the third time in his expansive career, Peter G. Economides has been re-elected as a Council member for STEP.

He spoke in an official statement regarding the re-election.

8th September, 2015 - Peter G. Economides, Founder and Honorary Chairman of STEP Cyprus Branch has been re-elected as one of the two Council members for STEP. Peter Economides will be representing the following European countries: Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Spain and Cyprus.

STEP is the professional association for those advising families across generations worldwide in trusts and estate planning. The society has more than 20,000 members worldwide and has an expansive system of over 100 Branches and chapters throughout the world. The members from the Continental Europe region make up almost 13 per cent of the societies in total.

Peter Economides spoke about being re-elected for the third time as a Council member of STEP “I feel truly proud and honored to be re-elected as a Council member for STEP. This is something that I love to do and I am glad that my fellows and peers in business have voted for me for this role for the third time. My primary objective and goal is the promotion and further establishment of the Society not only in Cyprus, but globally” he further added “However, this is my third 3 year term and my final time that I will be a Council member of STEP”