The Civil Registry and Migration Department of Cyprus announced that, as from the 8th February 2016, a uniformed format for residence permits for third-country nationals will apply to applicants who already hold or will apply to obtain, the Permanent Residence Permit; including their dependents.

The new Residence Permit will be in the format of a card and will carry the biometric data of its holder; fingerprints, photograph and signature. Hence, the applicant and their dependents must personally visit immigration authorities, either the day of the application submission or during the examination process of the application until the date of its issuance. In rare cases where a person is unable to visit the Immigration Authorities, provided that relevant supporting documents will be provided, the approval of the Residence Permit of said person will be kept in the Migration Department’s system until the day of his/her visit.

Moreover, it is reported that a third-country national of the above category that has submitted an application for obtaining or renewing a residence permit, the examination of which will be pending on the 8th February 2016, must, before the 8th of April 2016, submit to the Civil Registry and Migration Department the abovementioned Additional Application and must pay the additional fee of €10. If the supplementary application is not submitted within the prescribed period, the pending request will be rejected.

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