Cyprus continues to be a preferred jurisdiction for investors wishing to obtain an EU passport by way of investment. Last week, an additional opportunity has been introduced, through which the needed investment of €5 million has been lowered to €2.5 million for applicants investing through a Collective Investment Scheme.

In brief, this new option enables applicants, and their families, to be naturalized in Cyprus and acquire the Cyprus passport if there is an investment of €2.5 million (or even €2 million if the application is made until 1 June 2014) through a Collective Investment Scheme worth at least €12.5 million, investing in any one or a combination of the stated areas that mainly include: local real estate development projects, assets or shares in local enterprises or organisations, deposits in Cyprus banks or government bonds.

In practice, if a naturalization application is made grouping five investors investing €2.5 million each, each one investing separately in the allowed areas as stated above, then this would qualify as a ‘Collective Investment Scheme’ for the purposes of the Cyprus naturalization process. For more information on all the criteria for acquiring the Cyprus passport, please click here.

This development now makes the acquiring of a Cyprus (EU) passport even more attractive and feasible. You may contact us at [email protected] This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any clarifications or for expressing an interest for this new scheme, so that we arrange the grouping of five (or more) investors and arrange a simultaneous naturalization application through this Collective Investment Scheme’ route.