On the 1st of December 2018 a getaway weekend was organised for all employees of Totalserve Group at Agros village.

A seminar on customer service was organised by Philippos Aristotelous, a professional trainer, coach and speaker who gave a speech on the importance of having a great customer service in the context of the professional services sector, followed by an interactive and lively 2-hour workshop on the same subject.

During our annual Christmas dinner party, seven employees of the Group were recognized with an appreciation award for their long-standing service and invaluable contribution.

The recipients have worked on a full-time basis for 20 years or more. Addressing the award ceremony, Totalserve Founder and Honorary Chairman, Peter G. Economides said that he was delighted that employees have been with the company for so long.

“This shows what a close-knit family we are,” he said, adding: “This also demonstrates the tremendous importance we place on keeping our employees happy because happy staff means happy clients.”

A getaway weekend for Totalserve group employees
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