Businesses engaged in international transactions or investments should consider operating from a business friendly and efficient jurisdiction.
Having to operate such business from regions facing various issues such as conflicts, political instabilities, grave financial difficulties and capital control restrictions (to name a few), can be a recipe for disaster.
Whether you wish to set up a new company or to relocate your existing business, and you are seeking a reliable and practical option providing access to European and international markets, Cyprus should be at the very top of your list.
Cyprus is a modern and reputable international business centre, offering an array of advantages in a cost-effective and practical manner.

Why should you consider Cyprus?

  • Strategic location with close proximity to the Middle East
  • Long-standing historical relations with various Middle-Eastern countries
  • Safe country with high standard of living and education
  • EU member, fully compliant with all international guidelines and regulations
  • Tax system that is most attractive, efficient and stable
  • Wide double tax treaty network and access to relevant EU Directives
  • Legal system based on Common Law (preferred for business purposes)
  • High level of professional services and well-educated workforce
  • Establishing any needed level of business substance at a comparative cost advantage

An established and reputable regional business hub, Cyprus can facilitate corporate relocation in a fast and cost-effective manner, when compared to other EU prime jurisdictions. Its attractiveness as a business base is further enhanced by excellent telecommunication services with top notch mobile and internet facilities at high speed services, uninterrupted 24/7 access to the power grid, availability of secure data centres for backups, and excellent transport and logistics infrastructure.

Corporate and Headquartering relocation to Cyprus
Cyprus has one of the most competitive tax rates in the EU at 12.5%. Depending on the nature of activities, the effective tax rate can be significantly reduced or even eliminated due to favourable tax provisions giving partial or full tax exemptions. For more details on the use of Cyprus companies in international tax structuring click here.
There is also the potential to use Cyprus as a base to establish main or regional headquarters for your business. Headquartering in Cyprus is now even more attractive through the introduction of the Fast Track Business Activation Mechanism (for more information click here).

Personal relocation to Cyprus
Cyprus offers various personal tax incentives aiming to attract foreign key personnel (with or without their families) relocating to Cyprus to perform the company’s duties. Attractive incentives also apply for high net worth individuals who may be considering a permanent or temporary relocation to another country. More information on the various personal tax incentives, including the non-domicile tax regime, can be found here.

Cyprus constitutes a safe and secure base to live and work from, either permanently, temporarily or through regular visits, as the needs may be in each case.

In addition, Cyprus offers a high standard and quality of living at reasonable costs. For those considering bringing their loved ones along, Cyprus is an ideal place for raising a family. Apart from being one of the safest counties in the world with extremely low crime rates, the level of education is of very high quality, with many private schools and a number of reputable universities situated on the island.

Why Totalserve?
With almost fifty years of experience, Totalserve can fully assist with all the needed aspects of setting up or relocating a company to Cyprus, as well as personal aspects of the owners, management and employees - from immigration, work permits, naturalisations to personal tax issues and other personal or family needs.