We are pleased to announce that consequent to the on-going high demand for substance related elements in the BVI, Totalserve Trust Company Limited (“Totalserve BVI”) has now created additional offices and related facilities.

The BVI Economic Substance Law affects many BVI companies, which are required to establish relevant and adequate local economic substance.

It is being reminded that Totalserve BVI has, from the first moment of the enactment of this substance legal requirement back in 2019, made the necessary actions so as to offer a variety of substance related elements. These include but are not limited to own office rooms or office spaces by way of rent, a variety of other office related facilities as well as director services and part time administrative employees in the BVI.

You may click here to download the new revised brochure.

Should you be interested in any of the offered substance elements as described in our brochure, kindly contact us at [email protected]