Petros Rialas CEO
Totalserve Management Ltd

With the summer period now well under way, I would like to take a moment to wish to you all a relaxing and safe summer vacation. There are of course many people around the world, including clients and associates of ours, who are affected and/ or struggling as a result with everything that has been going on. To these I wish courage, strength and a quick fair resolution.

At the same time, I would like to thank our valued customers and associates for their continued trust and cooperation. Also a big thank you to all our colleagues here at Totalserve Group for their continuous and exceptional efforts during this difficult time.

In general, the global outlook over the last few years has been marked with continuous unprecedented challenges and difficulties.

There was the pandemic, war conflicts with an international effect, political uncertainties and global financial turmoil. At the same time, our industry has endlessly been bombarded with new or increased regulatory compliance requirements.

Under this new era, business people and corporations engaged in international transactions or investments are now, more than ever before, on the lookout for more practical and efficient solutions.

The recent international and domestic developments have created new dynamics for the Cyprus choice for both companies and individuals.

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Cyprus can offer a workable solution to your needs

Cyprus continues strong to be a preferred international business center, from where foreigners can conduct their business.

The recent international and domestic developments have created new dynamics for the Cyprus choice for both companies and individuals.

In addition to setting up new Cyprus companies, now there is an increased momentum for those who decide to relocate (redomicile) their existing foreign companies to Cyprus. They can effectively establish all the needed operational substance and exercise the proper management and control. Further than that, there are even those who decide to establish or relocate their main or regional headquarters, of any scale, to the island.

Who should consider Cyprus?

  • Those wishing to operate from a friendly, tax efficient, cost competitive and practical jurisdiction.
  • Those wishing to create a business entry point into Europe.
  • Those wishing to gain access to benefits of EU Directives and attractive double tax treaties.
  • Those who find Brexit adversely affecting their international business through a UK company.
  • Individuals who are affected by changes in the UK non-domicile regime.
  • Individuals looking for a new place of tax residency.
  • Families wishing to relocate to a new country.
  • Companies which are adversely affected by the offshore economic substance requirements.

Why Cyprus?

  • EU member state that is fully compliant with all international guidelines and regulations.
  • Corporate tax system that is attractive, practical, efficient, stable and tested. Suitable for a variety of uses like holding, financing, IP, shipping, services or trading activities.
  • Most attractive personal tax system, including a straightforward non-domicile tax regime.
  • Wide double tax treaty network and access to relevant EU Directives.
  • Legal system based on Common Law and Principles of Equity (which is easily understood and preferred).
  • Has all the needed infrastructure to accommodate any needed level of business substance, with a comparative cost advantage when compared to other EU prime jurisdictions.
  • Significant tax and other incentives to enable physical relocation of key management or employees to the island.
  • Strategic geographic location.
  • High level of professional services.
  • Vibrant, multi-cultural and cosmopolitan life, with a low crime level, high standard of living and education.

Why Totalserve?

With five decades of experience, Totalserve Group can fully assist with all the needed aspects of setting up or relocating to Cyprus. Totalserve can assist in all areas and at all stages, including but not limited to:

  • Relevant structuring and transaction assistance;
  • All corporate, commercial and legal aspects;
  • Tax, accounting and audit compliance;
  • Locating, staffing and setting up any needed office;
  • Banking related needs;
  • Personal aspects of the owners, management and employees - from immigration, work permits, naturalisations to personal tax issues and other personal or family needs.