Peter G. Economides, Totalserve Group Chairman, has accepted the honour of shaving his moustache in public, for the purpose of raising funds for the charity foundation LOVE THE CHILDREN DAY FUND. 

This event has become increasingly popular in the recent years as many philanthropists have agreed to ‘sacrifice’ their moustache for a noble cause. 

The event will take place on the 21st of December at 12:00 am at the Evagoras Lanitis centre (Carob Mill) in Limassol.

Those wishing to sponsor Mr. Economides noble gesture can attend the event and pin cash on his apron, whilst he is being shaved.

Alternatively, they can post a cheque (in the order of LOVE THE CHILDREN DAY FUND to P.O.Box 50041, 3600 Limassol –
Cyprus or make a donation to the following Bank accounts of the fund, stating their name.

Bank of Cyprus: IBAN: CY71002003900000000501094600/BIC: BCYPCY2N
Hellenic Bank: IBAN:CY64005002550002551217611600/BIC:HEBACY2N
Marfin Laiki: IBAN :CY08003000250000002531035664/BIC: LIKICY2N

The “Love Child Day Fund” was created (21) twenty one years ago by the Round Table 6 and the Kanali 6 radio station. The main scope of the fund is to offer financial support to cover the educational and social needs of the children under the care of the Welfare services. Since then, some €800,000 has been raised and used for this scope.