Totalserve can advise during the entire duration of the transaction and until all contractual obligations are satisfactorily fulfilled, as well as assist with the drafting of escrow agreements, opening and managing escrow accounts and act as the escrow agent. The opening of an escrow bank account can also be arranged.

We provide escrow agent services to our clients to facilitate the secure and successful completion of a variety of corporate and commercial transactions.

Our escrow agent is a professional and reliable neutral third party entity managed by experienced and trustworthy professionals, appointed by the contracting parties to a particular transaction to hold and distribute funds (or other assets) and/or documents.

The agent follows all escrow instructions as set out in the escrow agreement and is responsible for monitoring the escrow agreement provisions, for handling payments of escrow funds to and from the escrow account in accordance with the intended purpose, as well as for releasing and/or delivering of documents or other assets held in escrow on fulfillment of all relevant conditions, accurately and securely in line with agreed timelines.

Our escrow agent services are used in a variety of corporate, business and commercial transactions, including but not limited to:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Finance and Security transactions
  • Real Estate Property Acquisitions 
  • Other transactions involving transfers of valuable personal and business properties
  • Other commercial business transactions involving transfers of funds on fulfillment of certain conditions, warranties or services as per the particular contractual arrangement in question

Our professional escrow agent assists with the provision of customised escrow agreement reflecting the commercial terms of the transaction in question as set out in the relevant transaction documents.

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