Residency & Citizenship

We provide legal immigration services to our clients to facilitate the secure and successful issuance of work visas, residency permits and acquirement of citizenship in Cyprus.

Our team of immigration lawyers who have up to date knowledge of the current Immigrations Laws and Regulations, in cooperation with the tax advisory team who are well acquainted with the Tax Regulatory system and Tax Regulations, can provide effective, integrated immigration and tax advice to all nationals in relation but not limited to the following immigration legal related services:

  • Acquisition of citizenship by years of residence in Cyprus
  • Acquisition of citizenship as a spouse of a Cypriot citizen
  • Accelerated permanent residence permit
  • Permanent residence permit under the normal procedure
  • Residence permit for European Union citizens
  • Temporary residence permit
  • Employment permit
  • Student permit
  • Housemaid permit
  • Visitor permit

Totalserve’s team of lawyers coordinates the collection of required documents.  They can also assist with the drafting of employment contracts as well as contracts of sale for all kind of real estate properties; review and draft rental agreements; and provide other legal services in relation to the completion and delivery of any type of investment. The frequent and close monitoring of each case with the Immigration Authorities and relevant Ministries is guaranteed for the fast and successful delivery of any of the aforementioned.

Our global presence and long standing relationship with our international network of associates enables us to assist our clients in obtaining citizenship and residence permits in other countries.  It is how we can also provide a tailor-made global mobility strategy to each client’s business and personal needs.

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