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Strategic Co-operation with
Economides Consultants
Totalserve, in its continuous efforts to make available to its clients more comprehensive services and solutions as well as immediate access to relevant professional associates, is pleased to announce its new strategic co-operation with P.G.Economides (Consultants) Limited.

Economides Consultants, with relevant experience for over three decades, is oriented in identifying and understanding client specific needs of an international scale and without geographical boundaries. As such, it is able to provide effective consulting services, guidance, management and assistance directly and/or through its strong global network of qualified, highly experienced and regulated partners, in the following main areas:

[Each of the above areas is clickable for more details]

More about Economides Consultants can be read at

If needed, unless you wish to establish direct contact with Economides Consultants ([email protected]), Totalserve will be pleased to make the relevant introductions.

Totalserve is confident that its broad network of international clients and associates will benefit from the various services and solutions offered by Economides Consultants.

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