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Cyprus Companies

Why register a Cyprus Company (‘CyCo’)?
What is the procedure and timeframe of registering a Cyprus company?
Who can be a Secretary to my CyCo?
Must the Registered Office be located in Cyprus?
Do I have to open a bank account in Cyprus?
Do I have to appoint auditors?
What are your fees?
Do I need to come to Cyprus to register a company?
Is there a minimum number of directors and shareholders for a Cyprus Company?
What are the types of liquidation under Cyprus law?
What is a voluntary winding-up?
Can a wound-up Company be restored/reinstated?
When can the Registrar Strike Off the CyCo?


What is a Trust and why form a Trust?
What property or assets can a Trust own?
Why Choose a Cyprus International Trust (“CIT”)?

Citizenship by Investment

Is it possible for the Investor’s parents to join the citizenship application?
Are the parents of the spouse of the Investor able to apply for citizenship by investing an additional €500.000 plus VAT to Lifetime Residence?
Is the non-dependent child able to apply for citizenship by investing an additional €500.000 plus VAT to Lifetime Residence?
What is the Lifetime Residence?
Is there a requirement for the applicant to reside in Cyprus?
Can the investor purchase two Lifetime Residential Properties for the total amount of €500.000 plus VAT?
Can a Lifetime Residential Property, purchased more than three years preceding the submission of the application be accepted?
How long does it take to get a Cyprus passport?
What are the Criteria and conditions for Citizenship by Investment?


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