Totalserve maintains two international desks headed by professionals that are native to the region they service.  An open line of communication, following through and following up on requests and inquiries as well as visiting to their respective regions to meet with clients and associates are some of the functions of the international desks.

Russian Desk

The Russian Desk is responsible for the registration, management and administration of corporate entities for clients from the CIS countries. The Russian Desk has extensive experience in corporate matters and is closely cooperating with professional associates in Russia. The Russian Desk is led by Yulia Iosiphidou.

Yulia Iosiphidou Head of Russian Desk [email protected] Tel: +357 25 866404

South African Desk

The Desk is staffed by South African Cypriots with vocational backgrounds in South African and Cypriot corporations. The Desk maintains two local representatives in Cape Town, Nadia Galatis and in Johannesburg, Lea Galanakis. Chris Smilas heads the South African Desk and visits the region on a regular basis.

Chris Smilas Head of South African Desk [email protected] Tel: +357 25 866375


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